Ambers Food Wraps- Organic Beeswax Wraps



How to use the wraps:

Place it over a bowl or dish and press down on wrap with the warmth of your hands. It will warm up the beeswax and stick the wrap to the dish. Allow the food to be cooled before placing wrap over it. Your plate or dish should be at room temperature.

They can be used to cover any container to keep your food fresh, no more looking for lids!

You can wrap fruits, vegetables, to store in fridge as well as for sandwiches, snacks or for a packed lunch!


Caring for wrap:

Using a mild detergent and luke warm to cool water wipe clean and rinse. Allow it to dry and store in pantry or drawer on a tea towel or paper towel to keep it clean.

Do not use hot water to clean it as beeswax will melt. Keep away from hot surface.




1 x small – 23 cm

1 x medium – 29 cm

1 x large – 38 cm


Pre-selected mixed Aboriginal designs- artwork is for display purposes only and will vary.



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