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The Unexpected Guest

Here at the unexpected guest we are firm believers in doing what you absolutely love. That’s why we started creating extraordinary breakfast products (we love breakfast).

We also like doing business with people who are equally as passionate about what they do, from our ingredient suppliers to our lovely web designers.

We are committed to creating sensational products, supporting small businesses, organic and fair trade practices and having a great time doing it.

Our Story

Our business is The Unexpected Guest and our name has significance and illustrates our worldview and the importance of strong values.

When people read our business The Unexpected Guest, immediately their face breaks into a smile. Growing up in the country provided a relaxed and casual existence which was simple. Our family always greeted guests/ visitors with a cup of tea and whatever food was available. The practice of ensuring people were relaxed when they visited your home continued into adulthood and we maintained the value of ‘always making room at your table for the unexpected guest’.

The Unexpected Guest gave us the opportunity to continue with clean, healthy foods and having Australian Certified Organic products was an absolute no brainer.

The logo we created is rooted in our experiences of growing up on country where there was an abundance of wildlife and the kangaroo was and is a prominent feature. The kangaroo paw represents this prominence and the dots flowing through the paw represent the Wambool river (aka Macquarie river) flowing through Wailwan country.