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It ain’t easy being green

This is like the whiskey of smoothies. Serious, straight up, only for grown-ups. Not a stripey straw in sight and guaranteed to put hair on your chest. Just kidding, it’s really like a citrus smack bang with some green goodness thrown in. Perfect for St. Patrick’s day and better for you than a pint of Guinness!

It ain’t easy being green
(Serves 2 -if you feel like sharing)

1 Mango chopped up
1 big chunk of Pineapple
The juice from 1/2 a lemon
1/4 cup Coconut milk
1/4 cup Coconut yoghurt
1 tbl.Chia Seeds
1 tsp. Maca
1 tbl. Hemp seeds
1 tbl. Morninga or Spirulina
Handful of baby Spinach

Of course it’s delicious with Granuesli sprinkles.

Noble Handcrafted

Maple syrup, slightly spiked.
The Noble brand of handcrafted wares is proud to bring you Noble Tonic 01: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup. Noble procures medium amber grade Maple syrup from heritage sugar shacks in the ancient maple orchards of Québec. The syrup is then matured in Tuthilltown charred American oak barrels, with just a hint of raw Tuthilltown bourbon. This combination and process produces a distinct bourbon, maple and oak flavored syrup. Tuthilltown is New York’s first whiskey distillery since the age of Prohibition. This small batch micro-distillery, using locally sourced heirloom corn, apples and grains, embodies the new American pioneering spirit of our age. Noble Handcrafted reflects this same spirit. We hope you enjoy this collaboration of tradition and craft.

We are very proud to have Noble maple supporting our Wild Canadian blueberry pancake mixes.

* Only available on-line. You can order this bottle of liquid gold here.

Apple Crumble Porridge, oh yes.

We recently made the Apple Crumble Porridge from the lovely Jordanna’s blog over at The Inspired Table and to say it was a hit would be a major understatement. Easy to make, totally delicious and sweet enough naturally to not need any maple syrup or honey added = major bonus. It is the perfect winter warmer.

Apple Crumble Porridge
(Serves 2)
* We doubled the recipe because making breakfast with a buddy is way more fun

1 cup of rolled Oats
Your choice of soaking liquid (see her blog post for more on soaking oats, its really interesting)
2 small Apples, grated
6 Prunes, chopped (we used Dates instead)
1 teaspoon Maca (optional)
1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon
pinch of sea Salt
1/2 cup Water or Milk of your choice
Coconut yoghurt, to serve

Apple Crumble
2 tablespoon Coconut flakes
2 teaspoon Sunflower seeds
8 Pecans, coarsely chopped
2 teaspoon activated Buckwheat (buckinis)
1 teaspoon Sesame seeds (we used flax)
sprinkle of ground Cinnamon

*She also suggests that at this point if you really want it to taste like Apple Crumble you can add a 1/2 teaspoon of butter and a drizzle of Maple syrup, which of course we did.
** We also made a bigger batch of this to store in the cupboard for next time


* Soak oats in your choice of soaking liquid (we used filtered water with a splash of lemon juice) It should just cover the oats. Leave at room temperature overnight.
* To make crumble place all the ingredients in a small frying pan over medium heat, and toast tossing frequently for about 2-3 minute so until golden. Remove from heat.
* Add soaked oats to a small saucepan over medium heat with apple, prunes (dates), cinnamon, salt and water or milk of your choice.
* Stir over medium heat for 3-5 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. Transfer porridge to a serving bowl.
* Sprinkle with crumble topping. Dollop with yoghurt, to serve.

YUM. Thanks Jordanna! x


This year seems to be flying by and at last we arrive at the most wonderful time in April, a very long weekend when we finally have time to stop, spend time with friends and family, enjoy the stunning autumn days and swim in the sea while it’s still warm. The nights have already become longer with the clocks going back and of course there is the chocolate. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. And dessert. We are loving all things chocolate this month and praying that the sun stays. We have even made dark chocolate Granuesli bars to celebrate. Blues Fest is this weekend in Byron Bay, there is a wonderful holiday vibe in town and everybody seems to be in holiday mode. Which is where we’re going…holiday mode, but at home. Happy days. Have a great weekend everybody and a lovely month.